What Fermenting Alcohol Looks like

Fermenting alcohol is an ancient pastime that has been cherished through the ages, and even today is done with care and passion. 2XL Swagger is one of many companies that handcrafts our liqueurs, like pink kitty liqueur, with natural ingredients making the drinks taste great while ensuring their high quality. Fermenting alcohol yourself takes a lot of information, time, and preparation, but when done right, it can end up being a delightful thing. Let’s take a quick look at what fermenting alcohol really takes.

Gathering Your Ingredients

One of the first things you need to do is figure out what kind of alcoholic beverage you want to make. Note that certain beers are going to need carbonation, and you cant carbonate them at home, so you won’t be able to make certain beverages, but you can make wine like dandelion wine. You’re going to need to find a recipe and source the ingredients you’ll need to ensure your success. Follow the recipe closely to make sure you’re going to succeed. You’ll also need several tools, like a glass container to ferment in and an airlock to ensure air can leave but cannot come in a while your alcohol ferments.

Prepping your Alcohol

After you have everything together, you’re going to have to actually make the alcohol. Your best bet is to make it directly in the glass container you’re going to be fermenting it in to minimize the mess. Once everything is together according to the instructions, place your airlock on the glass container. At this point, there should be no way to get air in, just air coming out. Make sure you keep your container in a safe, dark place to ensure maximum efficiency. At this point, there is only one thing you can do before you get to enjoy your alcohol.


The next step is painful for anyone who wants to enjoy alcohol; you wait. That’s right, that delicious beverage you just made needs to ferment to actually turn it into an alcoholic beverage. To do that, most beverages need at least six weeks. This waiting process is incredibly painful for some people and where most people break when they’re trying to make their own adult beverages. Take a moment to think about if you’ll be able to wait that long to be able to drink the beverage you’re going to make. Most people can’t wait that long, and usually, the first few tries of making alcohol don’t go well.

If you don’t want to end up waiting potentially six weeks or more to ferment your own alcohol, take a look at pink kitty liqueur from 2XL Swagger brands. You won’t have to worry about getting the right materials, prepping your alcohol, or waiting for what feels like forever. We take pride in the natural and handcrafted liqueurs we make, they taste great, and you don’t have to do an excessive amount of work to get a bottle! Feel free to head over to our website today to learn more!

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