Top 5 ideas for Corporate Gifting

Unique corporate gifting ideas

Corporate gifting not only solidifies work relationships. It establishes a touchpoint with prospects, employees, and clients. It can also raise brand awareness and fuel your marketing efforts. This makes it a powerful tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. From gifts that showcase your brand to gifts that tell a story of partnership, respect, and esteem, you can’t go wrong with Patchi’s corporate gifts. The chefmanship, premium ingredients, elegant packaging, and exclusive recipes make a smart statement. Too busy with work to run to the shops? Simply order any item online and have it delivered straight to an office anywhere in Lebanon, KSA, Bahrain, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Get inspired with creative corporate gift ideas that leave a lasting impression on clients, colleagues, and business partners.

Stationary Box

A stationary box is not just practical: it’s chic. A nostalgic reminder of times when doing business was easy and less complicated. An invitation to experience moments when you take notes by hand or reconnect with your thoughts away from the screen. And if you want truly unique client gift ideas, then pair a stationary box with Le Coffret Craquant or La Palette Prestige for extra impact.

Hampers and Baskets

Nothing means business more than hampers and baskets. So if you need gift ideas for VIP clients, then look no further. The Ultimate Patchi Chocolate Gift Hamper comes in two sizes.  A very generous “small” brimming with chocolate boxes, smooth milk chocolate spread, a creamy white chocolate bar, milk chocolate coated hazelnuts, mint bonbons, and a delightful selection of loose chocolate. The overflowing “medium” features even more loose wrapped chocolates, chocolate bars, a chocolate box, milk chocolate coated almonds, decadent milk chocolate spread, La Boites Cigars chocolate cigars, and Patchi’s iconic monogrammed mug filled with dark chocolate. Both are impressive and expressive.

Corporate Chocolate & Business Gifting

Creative corporate gift ideas have no limits when you opt for custom chocolate boxes with your brand on full display. From end of year corporate gifts to giveaways that raise brand awareness, customization can transform your business gifting and elevate corporate chocolate to new heights. Patchi has been customizing chocolate boxes since 1974 and over the years many leading hotels, large organizations, renowned luxury brands, and famous institutions have benefitted from these services. The packaging is always outstanding. The premium chocolate consistently delectable. The savoir-faire is evident in every detail, from the stickers to the ribbons and boxes. Each element comes together to ensure Patchi delivers the best luxury branding experience. It’s a celebration of craftsmanship, handmade decorations, and customised wrapping. A limitless choice of high-quality chocolate with different flavours and fillings. And the result is a gift that is truly unique to your brand.

Luxury corporate gifts

Corporate Gift Baskets

Because you’re busy at work and overloaded with deadlines, you don’t want to waste needless time brainstorming luxury corporate gifts ideas. Especially since Patchi has so many options ready and waiting for you. In addition to hampers, you can create your own corporate gift basket by selecting a large leather box filled with premium chocolates and pairing it with Les Domes de Patchi and Trésor de Chocolat hot chocolate or any other combination that puts your brand in the spotlight. Make it your own.

Corporate Gift Cards

If you feel like you can’t come up with corporate gifts ideas for employees, then what about giving your team the power to choose? A gift card gives your employees the liberating option to select what they like. This way your marketing department manager who loves milk chocolate with nuts will be as happy as your HR executive who adores dark chocolate with fruit.

Gift Assortments & Personalized Candy Jars

The best corporate gifts for employees depends on your corporate culture and what your team members like the most. Given the vast choice Patchi has available, you can always find the most ideal assortment of gifts and candy jars that can be personalized based on tastes and preferences. Old established firms with a serious internal culture can opt for chocolate with rich praline and other classic fillings while young dynamic start-ups that thrive on innovation can go for trendy choices like chocolate with zesty combawa and stimulating tea. Reflect the essence of your brand while making your team and clients feel like they matter.

Corporate gifts for clients

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