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Melbourne is a multicultural city where you will find people from all races, color, creed, religion, and backgrounds. It is a vibrant place where you will people relishing all kinds of cuisines to the utmost.

Just like all Asian cuisines that are full of fragrance and aroma, Vietnamese cuisine also embraces different fragrances and aromas to satiate the taste buds of food lovers. People looking for Vietnamese in Melbourne can be happy that they have New Quarter restaurant to fulfill their tastes in the city.

Since everybody cannot enjoy the typical taste of Vietnamese food, there are not many restaurants that offer Vietnamese cuisine in their menu. However, New Quarter restaurant that offers only Vietnamese cuisine is almost a desire fulfilled for the special cuisine lovers.

What makes it different from other restaurants?

One of the major differences between New Quarter and other Vietnamese restaurants is that it belongs to Simon Blacher’s Commune Group, that includes Hanoi Hannah, Tokyo Tina, Firebird and Neptune in its stable while other Vietnamese restaurants are generally standalones.

The food is made by famous chef Scott Lord while other restaurants employ local chefs that are not trained in the art of making food. Scott Lord is famous for his taste in different cuisines and people flock for the food prepared by him.

New Quarter offers various options of seating for group bookings and parties. Most other restaurants don’t have the kind of space required to allow private party at their place.

New Quarter offers authentic Vietnamese taste to the customers, while other Vietnamese restaurants only offer a slight resemblance of the same.

Attractions at the Vietnamese restaurant

One of the first attractions in any restaurant is always the food. You go to any restaurant not only because it looks beautiful, or it has wonderful ambiance. Rather you go to any restaurant because it offers tasty food, with an added attraction of good looks, nice ambiance, and decent behavior by the restaurant staff.

So, the biggest attraction at New Quarter Vietnamese restaurant is also its super delicious food, its wonderful ambiance, and to add more sweetness is the behavior of their cordial and well-behaved staff.

The staff is well trained and groomed in the art of hospitality, attracting crowd from all over Melbourne and suburbs. The Vietnamese restaurant has employed highly trained staff from some of the best hospitality institutes.

Wide variety of beverages and food:

People often get bored very soon after visiting a restaurant a few times. But New Quarter offers such a wide variety on Vegan and non- veg food stuff that you cannot simply get bored out of its menu. The restaurant also offers a very wide variety of alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks which makes it comfortable for all kinds of people to enjoy its luxuries.

It is a very comfortable and family like restaurant. You can take your friends, family, spouse, children, parents, and even your date to the place. It has so much to offer that you can come back again and again finding new things each time.

So, if you are looking for Vietnamese in Melbourne, just call up to make a reservation or visit the official website of New Quarters.

Alfie Izzy

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