Everything You Need To Know About The Delicious & Mysterious Calamari

If you have ever been to an Italian restaurant, you must have noticed a specific dish called calamari on the menu. It as a rubbery flesh could easily be transformed into a meaty and tender delicacy and can be consumed post cooking. It is also nothing like other seafood and is practically the best option you will not find anywhere else. Calamari is known to not only be versatile in nature but could also be eaten alongside salads and mixed in stews, soups, pasta dishes, etc. So if you happen to be a home cook who would like to try cooking calamari, then use this guide to help yourself.

What Is Calamari?

Calamari comes from the word Calamaro which means squid in Italian. While there are various squid species available in the market, they all are not edible. Only some of them are considered to be eligible for recipes. And while the dish is milky in color, it gets more like an opaque appearance once it has been well cooked.

What does calamari taste like?

Calamari has taste like no other. It is fishy, chewy in texture, slightly sweet, and firm too. Also, it has a subtle nutty flavor which makes it perfect for consumption. While calamari can be a bit bland, it can soak up all the sauces and flavors alongside all the ingredients that are cooked.

What is the best way to prepare calamari?

The best way to prepare calamari is by grilling, deep frying, grilling, and sauteing it. It barely takes 3 minutes regardless of whatever option you choose. Another way to prepare for this is by slowly braising it. It could be within 30-45 minutes. You can use gelatin to break this down. You may also prepare this using vegetables, garlic, white wine, olive oil, herbs, etc.

Best Tip: Squids have two edible parts: tubes and tentacles. While the tube can be sliced into rings, they can also be stuffed into pieces for further preparation.

What are the best dishes that use calamari?

Did you know that cuisines from all across the world use calamari in their recipes? From the Spanish paella, Jjampong noodles from Korean-Chinese food, Ika Sansai which is a cold Japanese salad, and Fritto Misto which is an Italian pasta, even Peruvian, Greek, and Chinese dishes also tend to favor Calamari. Basically, it is that one item that you can almost prepare in any dish.

Calamari can be purchased at any fish market, seafood counter, or even in any frozen section at your nearby grocery store. Chefs also recommend everyone to use calamari as they can be stored in the fridge and will last you for 2 months easily. If you want to enjoy exciting calamari, then make sure to try A&T Trading. We have years of experience in selling prawns and shrimp and are highly recommended in the business too. So make sure to purchase to  contact A&T Trading for squid rings.

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