Delicious crab meat in Australia

Belonging to the arthropod family, crabs are categorized as crustaceans like lobsters, shrimps, and prawns. Crabs are the seafood that can be located in marine water and are among the most liked seafood due to their soft, moist as well as sweet delicious flesh.

Types of Crabs

There are thousands of species of crabs that markedly vary in size and shape and hence appear different from one another.

 Crabs can be of various types such as:

  • Sea crabs – are decapods i.e., crabs with five pairs of legs. The first pair of legs are the claws that serve the purpose of catching, cutting their food, and also defending themselves from enemies. Rest pairs of legs help in swimming or roaming on rocky surfaces underwater.

These can be:

  • Horse Shaped Crabs- by virtue of shape they look like inverted pots, they have a distinctive shell in the shape of a horseshoe
  • Hermit Crabs or soldier crabs- use snails shells or other mollusks to cover their bodies and can live in water and land and live hidden under the rocks
  • King Crabs- live in deep waters and are reddish-brown in color and are with long, thin limbs and are without hair on body and legs
  • Terrestrial Crabs- these crabs prefer to live in burrows created near the beach where they spend their life. The two types of terrestrial crabs include:
  • Ghost Crabs – are differentiated as they have one claw larger than the other
  • Coconut Crabs- are fond of coconuts which they can open using big tong i.e. chelae. These crabs are born in water but move to a land where they spend their life and return to water only for reproduction or die.
  • Crayfish – live in fresh water and are found in deep streams and rivers. Their body is more elongated than other crabs. Two types of Crayfish are Blue Crayfish and Red Cray Fish


  • Mangrove Crabs – are resistant to salt, live buried in forests, and thrive on leaves garbage. Common Mangrove crabs are:
  • Fiddler or calling crabs can be identified from their clearly asymmetric claws.
  • Mud or black crabs – their color ranges from green to brown

In addition, Edible Crabs are there which are characterized by flat paddles at the end of their back legs. The most edible crabs in Australia include Blue Swimmer Crabs, Mud Crabs, and Spanner Crabs. Other crabs in Australia include:

  • Giant Crabs
  • Crystal Crabs are also known as Snow crabs due to their white chalky color
  • Champagne Crabs – have pale brown to the cream shell with spiny edges and legs besides black tips on their claws.

Health benefits of Crabs

Crab meat in Australia like other parts of the world is considered the most delicious and nutritious seafood and is served as standalone, rice, soups, and other dishes such as crab cake.

Crabmeat is loaded with minerals, vitamins, and omega-3 acids that can help strengthen bones, sharpen mental abilities and activities besides strengthening the body’s immune system. The presence of omega-3 acids is immensely effective in:

  • Regulating and controlling Blood pressure
  • Balancing and reducing serum cholesterol levels
  • prevent Coronary diseases like Atherosclerosis

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