3 Steps In Which You Can Grow Chives In Your Garden

Did you know that you can actually grow chives in your kitchen garden? Chives are the most important source of diet with low calories. To add more, there are unlimited and yet undisclosed benefits and used of chives you want to grow in your garden area. This is one of the reasons why this plant has a world-wide gaining prominence.

The following are the 3 steps in which you can grow chives:

  1. Step one includes the planting of chives

You must first know that this is a cool-weather, cold-tolerant plant that is grown in the early days of spring. Opt for a full sunny area as they absorb a lot of solar energy. The soil must be moist, well-drained, rich and extremely fertile. Plant the seeds of about a quarter inch deep inside the soil and keep some space of around 4 to 6 inches between these plants. They will shoot with a beautiful blue flower on the top. You can use fertilizers and compost for its effective growth.

  1. Step two includes the caring stage

Even if you have planted the seeds well, caring about your plant throughout is equally important. You must regularly water chives throughout the season to ensure soil moisture as chives require moistened soil for healthy growth. Once the flowers bloom, remove them immediately to prevent the seeds getting scattered all across. Chives are around 12 to 24 inches tall. Don’t forget to divide the plants regularly for its productive growth.

  1. Step three includes harvesting and storage

Harvest chives after 60 days from seeding or 30 days after transplant. You must cut the leaves about 1 or 2 inches from the soil from its base. You must harvest 3 to 4 times during the first progressive year and can then later pick up the monthly speed. These flowers blossom in the months or May or June and they are pretty edible. Use chives for cooking when they are freshly cut from the garden as dried chives won’t provide you with necessary nutrients and loses its flavor too. Chives are stored in a cool and re-sealable container.


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